The following FAQs will answer some of your questions but feel free to contact me if you need further help.

Q – I’m a complete novice, can you offer advice on where to start?

A – Of course! Many of my clients are ‘non-techies’ or just starting out. I’m happy to explain things in plain English to help you get your website up and running with the least amount of stress.

Q – I’ve seen free or low-cost website packages online, why pay a web designer when I could do it myself?

A – The simple answer is… just ask anyone who has tried to use one! As a web designer with many years’ experience, I struggle with these ‘easy’ packages which are generally slow, clunky and almost impossible to use. You’ll end up crying with frustration and wasting hours of your valuable time so why inflict the pain!

Aside from that, a web designer knows how to produce a good-looking, professional website that will promote your business in the best possible way. It will be optimised for the search engines, will display well on a range of devices, and will be up-to-date with the latest technology, all taken care of whilst you focus on your business or ideas.

A good website will pay for itself in no time if you gain new customers, clients or sales as a result. A free or budget website might seem good value, but if it doesn’t generate income or interest, it’s money down the drain and a waste of your valuable time.

Q – I’m interested, how do I get a quote?

A – Send me an email or give me a call with details of your basic requirements such as:

  • How many pages will you need?
  • Roughly what will be on each one – e.g. text, photo gallery, contact form etc?
  • What is the website for / what type of business is it?
  • When do you need the website by? Do you have a deadline?
  • Have you registered a domain name yet?

I can then provide a free quotation based on the information provided.

Once you’ve confirmed that you’d like to go ahead, I’ll work with you exclusively from start to finish to ensure that the website is designed and built to your requirements and complete satisfaction.

You’ll need to supply the following via email or file sharing service (where applicable):

  • Your logo
  • Text for the website
  • Contact details to be included
  • Photos or images that you’d like to include
  • Details of your current hosting service or domain name company
  • Social media links
  • Colour schemes / design ideas
  • Any other relevant info

Q – What about payment?

A – A 50% deposit will be required with the final balance due on completion.

Payment can be made by bank transfer or PayPal. Payment details will be supplied on request.

Q – What type of website will I get?

A – Your website will be designed in the WordPress platform using a professional theme and bespoke customisation to fit your needs. The design will be up-to-date and fully responsive so that it displays well on all devices including computers, laptops, iPhones and tablets.

You can include social media links, photos, images, photo galleries, contact forms, calendars, booking systems or whatever you wish within the capabilities.

You are welcome to request colour schemes / design ideas or you can leave it to me. If you don’t like the final draft, I can easily change it but 99% of my clients are delighted with the end results.

Q – What about SEO?

A – When your website goes live, it will be optimised for the search engines so that people can find you. This is a very important step in the process and with many years’ experience, I know what works and what doesn’t!

I’m hoping that you found me at the top of page 1 in your Google search so I must be doing something right.

Q – I need a domain name and hosting…

A – I’m happy to help with domain name suggestions and registrations, website hosting and email accounts if required. Just let me know and I can provide details of the options available.

I can also arrange SSL certificates to ensure that your website is reputable and secure.

Q – How do I update the website content?

A – Keeping your website up-to-date is an important aspect, especially once you have invested time and money to have it built. When your website goes live, you’ll be provided with log-in details and instructions on how to carry out basic updates yourself which is the most cost-effective method.

Alternatively, I am happy to help with one-off updates, or regular updates at an agreed monthly or annual cost.

Q – I need to get my business off the ground but funds are tight, what are my options?

A – If your budget is limited or you are testing the market, a single page website will get your business off the ground without breaking the bank. They are designed to contain basic information, logos and images and can be expanded with further pages or add-ons at any time.

Q – I’m not local to the Gosport area, can you still help?

A – Certainly, I have local clients who have been with me for years but I have never met them! I’m happy to work with you via email, phone and online wherever you are and have been using this method successfully for over 20 years.

Unanswered questions or concerns? Just get in touch