Website Redesign and Updates

Redesign of an existing Website

Is your current website feeling old, tired and unloved?

If the basic framework is there but your existing website needs a bit of attentiona and TLC, why not consider a revamp? Prickly Pear Design can work with what you have so far to create an up-to-date design that promotes your business in the best possible way.

The process is often less expensive than you think so please contact us for a quote.

It is generally best to start afresh though if your website is quite old due to out-dated functionality and code but if you already have one up and running, you are halfway there!

General Website Updates

Splashed out on a website some years ago and have never touched it since?

Keeping your website up to date will not only help your customers but will improve your Google ratings too. We can make minor or major changes to your existing site including text changes, updating of images or photos, or general additions or improvements.

The process is usually simple, straightforward and cost-effective and if you need updates on a regular basis, we also offer low monthly update plans that cover website optimisation too.

Updates to older sites are subject to a review of your current website and the system in place with free quotations provided on request. We may require log in details to gain this information.