I’m Cindy Robins, Hampshire born and bred, I studied and worked as a Web & Graphic Designer in the USA before ‘coming back home’.

I first discovered my passion for web design during a Computer Graphics degree in California, and happened to be in the right place at the right time. It was during the ‘dot com’ boom and this boost in technology and great demand for web designers created a fabulous opportunity for me to work for a number of companies in California over a period of 4 years.

Relocating back to the UK in 2000, I secured a position of Web & Graphic Designer for a genetics research company in Havant where I remained until they moved to the USA in 2005.

With regards the business, Prickly Pear Design was established in early 2003 as a ‘spare time’ opportunity whilst I was employed and the company has been running successfully as a full-time business since 2005.

I love a simplistic, clean style and this is reflected in all of the website projects that I have completed over the years.

When I am not web designing, I love to walk, travel to new places, enjoy nature and take photos wherever I go!

And the name?

I have always loved cacti and Texas had prickly pear growing in abundance. The flowers were stunning therefore the business name seemed to fit the bill. Apparently they are edible too… just as long as you remove the spikes!

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